401 Fall Quilt Run 2017
October 1 - 31

Based on the card game Mille Bornes, you travel from shop to shop collecting mileage cards from each shop qualifying to win prizes. You could also win instant prizes, you receive fabric discounts and perhaps you will end up going to a new quilt shop that you have never visited before.
Each shop will have it's own exclusive pattern block kit and once you have collected one from each shop, you will be able to put together a beautiful quilt top. An example of this years quilt top put together by Wilton Creek Fabrics is pictured to the right. (click on the quilt for a larger view) Each shop's kit is made up of the same amount of fabric, but the colours will differ per shop. Using each of the patterns you can mix and match the colours to suit your own choosing creating your own unique quilt top. Some shops may have finishing kits available or you can choose your own way to finish the quilt top.

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