401 Fall Quilt Run

October 1 - 31, 2019

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How to Participate


  • The 401 Quilt Run runs from October 1st to the 31st, 2019.
  • Visit the participating shops between Tuesday October 1st and Thursday October 31st 2019. The entry form list of shops will be the official list and may differ from previous advertising. Please check ahead for shop hours and days of operation.
  • When paying for your purchases, you will draw for a discount of 15 to 30% off all your regular priced fabric.
  • Exclusive block kits will be available at each shop for $9.99. Each kit will contain a total of 3 fat 1/8's and a colour printed block pattern unique to that shop. Collect all 12 kits (one from each shop, two from Wilton Creek Fabrics). Using the block patterns, you can mix and match all the fabrics you have collected to create your own quilt top. Some shops may have finishing kits available to create a quilt top similar to the one featured in their shop
  • At the time of checkout, you will draw a “Mileage Card”. If you draw a Distance Mileage card, the shop will enter the mileage onto your entry form and stamp the form with their unique stamp. If you draw a Hazard or Remedy card, you will receive 25 miles unless you have the matching Remedy or Hazard card from a previous shop, then you will receive 75 miles. The shop will draw an arrow connecting the 2 matching cards and write what the drawn card was. Anytime a Remedy or Hazard card are drawn, the type of card must be written on the form. If you draw a safety card, you will collect 50 miles and a bonus prize as decided by that particular shop. No purchase is required to draw for a mileage card. Only one card drawn per shop.
  • The submitted entry form with the most mileage will win the grand prize of a Gift Basket valued at $1000. In the event of a tie, the winner will be selected by a random draw. To qualify for one of the $50 in-store prizes, you must collect mileage from at least one shop per region. Collect as much mileage as you can by visiting as many participating shops in person. Collect 25 BONUS miles by visiting all shops in a region and 25 BONUS miles by visiting all 11 shops.
  • Entries may be dropped off at any of the participating shops before or by end of business day on October 31st or mailed to the address below. Mailed entries must be received no later than November 15th. A draw of all entries will take place after November 15, 2019 by the organizing committee. Winners will be notified by phone or email and listed on the 401 web site.

401 Fall Quilt Run
C/O Wilton Creek Fabrics
4909 Hwy 38
Harrowsmith, ON K0H 1V0



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